1) Slide-type belts

Belt cross-section

The slide-type belt was designed specifically to meet the requirements encountered mainly in waste processing and recycling industries. It generally conveys flat, horizontal or inclined granular materials with low weight on idlers or sliding wooden, metal or PVC slats. Depending on the type of application and conveyed material, we offer high quality belts with high abrasion resistance (D) and fitted with shield resistant to grease and vegetable oils (GM). It has a multi-separator structure consisting of three fabric separators (polyester in carcass/threaded polyamide), containing one sliding separator underneath the belt.

  • 400N/mm type;
  • width available [in mm]: 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600;
  • shield thickness: 2+0; 3+0;
  • belt without rubber rims.

2) Elevator belts

Belt cross-section

Elevator belts are designed to be used in all vertical conveyor systems. The core’s special construction provides resistance to mechanical damage caused by the interaction of the external and internal forces; thus, the belt has a very high durability and service life in extremely different operating conditions.

Belt structure:
  • separator layer made of special rubber compound with excellent adhesion properties, which maximally limits damage to the core’s structure.

Main advantages:
  • high resistance and structural strength to the forces, which extract the fasteners (bolts) from the belt’s plane;
  • minimum operating elongation at 10% workload;
  • very high resistance to delamination;
  • metal reinforcement can be embedded in the core;
  • grooves in the top layer of the shield can be made to attach load-bearing devices, reinforcing metal plates etc.;
  • high abrasion resistance minimizes damage to the core’s structure;
  • shields can be asymmetric, depending on the technical conditions and purpose;
  • easy hot splicing in enclosed circuits using mechanical splices;
  • low operating costs resulting from product quality;
  • low price in relation to the extremely high operational parameters and durability;
  • resistant to the impact of atmospheric and environmental conditions;
  • can be manufactured with molded or cut rims.

  • width according to the client’s requirements;
  • durability from 400 N/mm to 3150 N/mm;
  • type series according to the client’s requirements;
  • up to 6 fabric separators (maintaining the production minimum).