We provide profiled belts in the following height range:
  • herringbone pattern: 16 mm, 32 mm;
  • straight T-shape: 32 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm;
shaped and directly spliced with the conveyor belt’s shield by hot vulcanization method using modern hot presses. The profiles come with exceptionally hard wearing shields.

The profiled belts are designed specially to meet the specific demands related to the rising angle of the conveyor’s inclination. They are used in cases where the operation of the conventional conveyor belt cannot ensure that the conveyed material will be held.

Depending on the belt’s width and the type of the conveyed material we will advise you on the most appropriate height of the profiles. In many cases, the rising angle of the conveyor’s inclination may not exceed 20°. The answers to this inconvenience are the sill belts. If the angle of the inclination exceeds 20°, the sill belts will convey the materials at the steeper inclination (in various cases max. 30° or 45°) and help you save space in your installations.

  • width – tailored strictly according to the customer’s requirements from 200 mm to 2400 mm;
  • profiles – profile type, height, sill spacing, scale each time according to the client’s requirements;
  • belt length – each time according to the client’s requirements.

Sill patterns:

  • 35° split herringbone;
  • 15° herringbone;
  • 45° herringbone;
  • 35° split herringbone with side rails;
  • 15° herringbone with side rails;
  • 15° double herringbone;
  • Half-round herringbone.
Straight T-shape:
  • Straight with rubber frill (frills available with the following height (in mm): H60, H80, H100, H120, H145, H160, H240);
  • 60 mm high transverse double split profile;
  • 16 mm high double split straight profile;
  • double split straight profile with side rails;
  • 32 mm high medium elongated profile;
  • 16 mm high transverse straight profile;
  • Straight profile with the height of 32 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm or 80 mm;
  • Triple split profile.

Other patterns:
  • U-shaped profile;
  • All other profiles according to the client’s requirements.
The details provided are for reference purposes and depend on the conveyed materials, loading conditions and belt running speed.
At each production stage, belts are subject to rigorous quality checks.

Our experts are always at your service to provide you with technical and operating advice in response to your specific requirements.