Product range:

Conveyor belts that meet all the requirements for various operating conditions:
  • fabric rubber belts: abrasion-resistant, flash-resistant, high temperature-resistant, oil resistant;
  • profiled belts;
  • fabric-rubber belts with metal transverse reinforcements;
  • steel cord belts;
  • steel cord belts with metal transverse reinforcements;
  • special-purpose conveyor belts, the so-called elevator belts, impact-resistant, tubular and slide-type.


We join conveyor belts using the following method: hot vulcanization, cold bonding and mechanical splices.

We repair worn shields, worn and broken rims, broken shields, dissections, cuts, punctures, furrows, dry-rots of non-uniform structure of the shield rubber.

We apply rubber coating to idlers, electronic idlers and rollers using hot and cold vulcanization, with smooth rubber diamond-shape protector (mini diamond, large black and red diamond with Shore hardness ranging from +/- 40 to +/- 65) in normal, hard-wearing, slow-burning class with an adhesive layer and ceramic shield.

We manufacture:
  • profiled belts;
  • elevator belts;
  • enclosed circuits;
  • scrapers;
  • side aprons;
  • drain funnels.

We also provide:

  • sills, frills and rubber guides;
  • multidimensional rubber rings;
  • mechanical connections: ALIGATOR type; R2 using rivets; R5 using rivets L-70 fasteners; L-50 fasteners (the so-called Jackson);
  • drive idlers, tail pulley and belt-tensioning idlers;
  • smooth, circular and annular idlers;
  • complete belt conveyors.